Our products are naturally certified... ....by Ecocert!

One of the worldwide most renowned certification bodies for natural cosmetics is Ecocert. As an independent supervisory authority for sustainable cosmetic products since 2002, the company privileges ingredients which were obtained by renewable sources and made through eco-friendly processes. During this audit Ecocert does not only verify the ingredients origin of a formulation, but also the manufacturing process. Through this approach Ecocert defines and encourages a higher quality level for cosmetic products, in comparison to the minimum legal requirements, and ensures the application of natural and ecological ingredients. The certifications include the responsibilities along the entire supply chain, which leads to transparency and promote sustainable consumption in general.

For us transparency, sustainability, fairest conditions in production and the respect of all living beings are more than a claim. It is a promise that we give to our customers. This is why we certified our B FNKY Face Designer range with the Ecocert Seal of Quality and outrank the minimum requirement of 95% of ingredients with a natural origin, by 99%. Also our packaging, made of recyclable and biodegradable material, meet the high standards of Ecocert.

As a company, that only processes innovative and most effective ingredients, we are particularly pleased, that Ecocert listed and certified a novel ingredient, our Phyto Juices, first time by B FNKY.

You want to know more about Ecocert? Visit www.ecocert.com