B FNKY is the evolution of natural cosmetics – perfectly adapted to the urban lifestyle. Our products relieve you of time pressure when you want to see visible results quickly. The 360° High Performance Beauty Products of B FNKY provide the perfect glow straight away, while our Soul Drops give your mood an instant boost – wherever you happen to be.  

We know that our skin is exposed to enormous environmental influences every day and that it ages with every minute – regardless of how young it is. That’s why at B FNKY you won’t find a designated anti-aging line. B FNKY is pure anti-aging. With every product.

The innovative dermatological structure of our products is the essential factor ensuring that all active agents can have the optimum effect and find their way to the deep skin layers. This power effect originates from an intelligent system that transports every single active agent to exactly where it ́s supposed to work. By taking the newest research findings into constant consideration, we achieve the standard of the very latest cosmeceuticals



B FNKY Founder Alexandra Slendebroek was convinced that natural cosmetics too can realise these deep-acting beauty effects. Inspired by the capabilities of modern dermatology, she began after years of intensive research together with doctors and beauty visionaries to develop highly effective formulas for B FNKY. 

With a clear focus and an uncompromising spirit. As she is committed to exploiting the potential efficacy of modern natural cosmetics to the full. How? It became clear to the Hamburg-based entrepreneur just what makes the crucial difference: the optimum interplay between nature and science, the way in which plant-based substances are processed, and the combining of all individual parts to form a harmonious whole. „This is why, as well as making use of the world’s most effective active agents, we also employ the very latest technologies. These enable us, for example, to break down every individual cell in the entire plant. Our highly dosed active agents are transported, thanks to the newest dermatological methods, to the deep layers of the skin,“ says Alexandra Slendebroek, delighted by the success of this marvellous team effort. Your mirror will confirm it for you. 



Our holistic beauty concept is based on the following three pillars:  

Nature Concept 

Effective, highly dosed active agents and ingredients from all over the world, selected for their exceptional beauty potential, are essential elements in the skincare concept of B FNKY. Our highly effective products not only beautify the skin, but are also completely harmless to health.

Science Concept  

The newest scientific findings flow harmoniously into the development of
the innovative formulations of all our products. They contain highly effective active agents, which are processed to highly effective power formulas thanks to the very latest production processes and in accordance with the most recent dermatological findings.

Soul Concept  

The precious oils and floral essences that we process in our fragrances have an intensive effect on your mood and give you the right energy kick in every situation, in order to enjoy your life to the full. That is why we call them „Soul Drops“ – because they are considerably more than a conventional fragrance. 

Most of the Body Designers also contain the Soul Drops. The oils and floral essences in these products are therefore absorbed through the skin and the nose at the same time and can release both their skincare and soulcare benefits accordingly: providing deep-acting care for your skin and a true energy booster to your mood.